Clutha has many diverse and vibrant communities, with excellent education opportunities, quality healthcare, affordable homes and a low crime rate throughout. All communities have their own character and reasons that make them an awesome, family-friendly place to live.


is the biggest town in the Clutha District (with a population of about 4000) and lies on the banks of the mighty Clutha River. It’s the commercial centre of our district with a range of shops, professional services and a newly upgraded main street. An industrial park development is underway on the outskirts of the town, along with a new residential subdivision. With a choice of schools, and modern recreation facilities, health services and rest homes, it’s a great place for people of all ages.


is a small rural hub with a strong sense of community, surrounded by farmland and located only 20 minutes from Balclutha on State Highway 1. There are education opportunities for early childhood and primary aged children here. Affordable housing and proximity to both Balclutha and Gore make it an attractive place to live for those wanting a more rural and peaceful lifestyle while still being close to service towns. It’s well-known for its statue of five Clydesdale horses that represent the Clutha’s rich agricultural history.


has a population of about 800 and located on the banks of the Clutha River about 10km out of Balclutha. The town’s proximity to Balclutha, a local primary school, affordable housing and great views make it an appealing place to settle. It’s also close to the Fonterra Stirling site between Balclutha and Kaitangata and is ideally situated to take advantage of white-baiting, boating and fishing opportunities.


is a service hub for the surrounding farming community, being the largest town in The Catlins with a population of about 400. It provides all the necessary services for both locals and visitors, including early childhood education and an area school. Owaka also boasts a heated pool, one of the many community driven projects in the area.


is on the shores of Lake Waihola, has a population of around 200 with a strong community spirit. Located on State Highway 1, it’s one of the closest towns in Clutha to Dunedin, providing easy commuting opportunities to both the city and Dunedin Airport. Its lake makes it a popular swimming and boating destination for both locals and visitors alike.


is a picturesque farming town, which also acts as the gateway to Central Otago via State Highway 8. The rural town has a rich goldmining history and the Clutha Gold walking and cycling trail. Lawrence has education options from early childhood to an area school.  A brand new aquatic centre has just opened in Lawrence, just one example of great project that’s been led by the community of about 400 people.


is a diverse town of around 1800 people, only 40 minutes from Dunedin on State Highway 1. The town’s close proximity to the city means it offers the best of both worlds with the type of spirit only found in a smaller community. Milton is Clutha’s second largest town with quality education options and is home to some of our biggest businesses including Calder Stewart and Pan Pac Forest Products.


is the main service town of West Otago, a transport hub, with education opportunities from early childhood to secondary, a new health centre and is supported by a strong farming community. Surrounded by the Blue Mountains, Tapanui is a recreational wonderland for hunters and trampers, while the Pomahaka River provides brilliant salmon and trout fishing opportunities.

The Catlins

is a large area of our coastline which runs from Kaka Point to Fortrose, with many settlements, beautiful scenery, and strong farming communities. Kaka Point is tucked on the northern boundary of the Catlins coast, the seaside village is ideal for coastal living. It is home to around 300 people and includes the district’s surf club as well as being close to the famous Nugget Point.

Taieri Mouth

is a seaside fishing village at the mouth of the Taieri River, the northern most settlement in Clutha close to Dunedin. There is primary school here and with great swimming and surfing opportunities, it is a perfect place for coastal living. Like all our towns, Taieri Mouth has a strong community spirit.