Natasha ‘Natwick’ Chadwick - Photographer & Journalist. Natwick offers professional photography, journalism and online content production and is based in the gorgeous town of Tapanui. Nat shares her story...

What do you do and why is it important?

I’m a multi-skilled journalist which means I write, take beautiful photographs, video, develop websites and provide social media strategy. When I’m not working with clients, I’m an avid traveller and adventure junkie, sharing my experiences via my Natwick travel blog. Through my photography, I capture moments in time, creating beautiful keepsakes for people, be it wedding photos, family portraits, or landscapes of special places. My Natwick travel blog promotes and inspires travel all over the world. For business, I’m a one stop shop. I can build a functional and beautiful website, take the photos, write the copy, tailor a social media strategy, and set them up for online success.

What is the best part about living and working in the Clutha District?
The people. What drew me to Tapanui initially was the scenery. Driving down the main street, seeing the Blue Mountain towering above drenched in colour from the setting sun - for a photographer it was paradise. When I moved in, the first time I walked down my street to the local café, people came out of their homes to say hello. I’ve never experienced so much warmth and support in a community before. What makes Clutha District so wonderful is the connection between the people, I immediately felt at home here.


What’s your favourite place in the Clutha District?
Ooh, that’s a tough question. I’m yet to explore all of the Clutha District but so far everywhere I’ve been looks like a postcard. The Leithen is a popular place for family portraiture and the perfect location to lie back on the grass, read a book and enjoy a picnic. On a warm day, have a swim in the gentle rapids. If I’m heading out for a walk, I like Whisky Gully. Strolling through the rainforest along the creek to the waterfall. Amazing scenery.

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